Taking STEAM home

Last week we gave an over view of STEAM and what exactly it means for you and your child. This week we wanted to equip you with a several activities you can try at home, that will not only be fun for your kiddo but will help build those foundations for success in future STEAM fields.



1. Home Made Flubber – This not only is a great science activity but add in a few plastic animals or other toys and it doubles as a sensory bin activity.

2.Ice Cream Bags – Teach the scientific process and making observations with this easy and fun experiment and enjoy a sweet result.


3.Salt and Ice Painting – Get creative and learn about chemical reactions with the fun rainy day activity.



1.  Hexbug Mazes – Allow your child to plan, build and problem solve with this STEAM challenge.

2. Code-a-pillar – Teach the basics of coding and sequencing with this awesome toy.

3.  Learning Apps  – While spending time on electronics isn’t always ideal, they can be a great tool to help your child kick start their learning.


1.  Shaving Cream Blocks – Create some added fun to building with blocks by adding shaving cream to the mixture.

2. How Strong is Spaghetti – Find out just how strong Spaghetti really is with this fun engineering challenge

3. Paper tower – How tall can you build these fun and easy paper towers?



1.  Ice Painting – Take your art outside this summer with this chilly activity.

2. Shadow Art – Take advantage of the sunny weather and flex your child’s creative side with shadow painting.

3. Magnet Painting – Add a little science to art and try painting with magnets.


1. Shape Puzzles – Build pictures with shapes using these easy patterns or get creative and make your own.

2. Geometric Bubbles – Teach your child about 3-d shapes with these geometric bubble wands.

3. Salt Tray Writing – Switch up the normal number writing practice but trying it in salt or another medium. Help your child not only recognize their numbers, but also begin working on one to one correspondence.



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